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We Wonder Where Is God?

How the time is flying. Summer is almost over. Vacations are ended and School is beginning. But one thing is certain; God is still on His throne. He is overseeing everything. Nothing gets pass him. We see disasters happening all over the world, and we wonder where is God? Psalm 10:1 says, “Why do you stand afar off, O LORD? Why do you hide in times of trouble? He is right there through it all. We, as believers must trust and believe what the word of God says. These are the times where 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says we must “Pray without ceasing.” Jesus spoke a parable to the disciples in Luke 18:1, “That men always ought to pray, and not faint, or lose heart.” We know that prayer changes things. Throughout the Bible people prayed, and God moved on their behalf. We can see changes happening as We come together in prayer. God is moving! And the righteous will not be forsaken. So let’s make our lives a “life of prayer.”

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