Gifts From God

Summer is almost over. September is here, and that means

school is starting. Children are excited; anticipation is high. Some are excited about meeting new friends, and some about seeing old friends. This also is an exciting time for parents. Some have children returning to school, while others are sending their little ones off for the first time. The little chickens are leaving the nest, whether going off to school for the first time or entering college, there will be adjustments. This can be a time of rejoicing or a time of loneliness.

We can make a difference by putting God first. Each morning pray over your children, asking God to watch over them; to keep them safe from seen and unseen dangers. Ask God to give them wisdom and understanding, and a spirit of knowledge to want to learn, and to lead and guide them through the day. Pray also for the teachers to have a spirit to teach, and for the bus drivers and all school workers; asking God to cover them all with the blood of Jesus.

“Children are gifts from God.” Maybe you are a mother, father or grand-parents, all children need to be prayed for. Maybe you don’t have any biological children, but we are all in the family of God, and we are to Love them, watch over them, provide for them and set examples for them. Galatians 4:27 says, “Rejoice, O barren, you who do not bearl Break forth and shout, you who are not in labor. For the desolate has many more children than she who has a husband.” (NKJV)

So, let this school year be one where we hold all children up in prayer to the LORD.